If you want to participate in this initiative, insert a banner in your page, whatever site it may be.

It's easy, just copy/paste one of the html codes below, and put it on your web page, the banner will be taken directly from the web with a link to this page

• big banner in Italian (480x60 - 13k)
<a href="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/"><img src="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/matpic/banneritg.gif" width=480 height=60 alt="non uccidere" border="0"></a>
• small banner in Italian (120x60 - 11k)
<a href="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/"><img src="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/matpic/banneritp.gif" width=120 height=60 alt="non uccidere" border="0"></a>
• big banner in English (480x60 - 13k)
<a href="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/"><img src="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/matpic/bannering.gif" width=480 height=60 alt="don't kill" border="0"></a>
• small banner in English (120x60 - 11k)
<a href="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/"><img src="http://www.acidlife.com/annozero/999/mat/matpic/bannerinp.gif" width=120 height=60 alt="don't kill" border="0"></a>
Or if you prefer, you can download the entire page and put it in your site. If you need help with HTML, with the banner or with anything else, write to Sintax Error or to MondoQueer, and we'll help you.
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